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LAST CHANCE Experiment 626 Stitch 11x14" Print (Muted)


This piece will not be reprinted. Stock is available until it states "sold out"

This is a muted/altered version of the original 4 color print/painting. It was created for those looking for a modern take on this classic work.

This print is a high quality reproduction from original painting. Overall paper size is 14” x 11”, perfect for quick and easy framing. The image is the full size of the paper. Watermarks will not appear on the print you receive!!!

Totems from the multiverse. Find me here or on Instagram under @Stitched_Heart_Art

1 - Watermarks will not appear on the print you receive.
2 – This image was digitally created and should not be taken as anything more than an interpretation of what the final production will look like. This image was created intentionally low resolution, however your print will be amazing! The width of the print area, as well as the actual color of paper it’s printed on to the actual art is subject to change