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Commission Work

Thank you for considering an ImpPoster commission! That's really awesome of you.

About commissions in general - 
Commissions are accepted on a case by case basis.

Typically I paint one subject on an 18x24" canvas. Framing/wiring will be included unless specified ahead of time.

How it works - 
Typically we'll connect via video (zoom, FB, IG etc.) to talk about your idea. Then after acceptance, I'll send over 3 concepts ideas.

Once a concept is approved via signature, 50% of payment will be required to start the painting. When the painting is about 2/3rds of the way done, the remaining will be due.

Progress pictures will be available to you at any time.

Pricing - 
- If the painting is something I can re-sell in print form, it's $2,500.00 +.

- If the painting is something I cannot resell in print form, it's $3,500.00 +.

Shipping Costs - 
Shipping costs are not included within pricing and can be figured out prior to the start of the project. As in, I'll need your address.

How I accept payment - 
All payments are done via PayPal Goods and Services through invoicing.

Turn Around Time - 
Turnaround time depends on many factors but for safety sake, we'll put an average of 6-8 weeks after concept approval.

Adult Content - 
Lastly, NSFW. I do not create work considered explicit or adult content. This is a personal choice. Thank you for your understanding.

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-------- Notations

- I choose frames that work well with the artwork. Usually it’s based on color, style, and aesthetics. 

If you would like to frame the painting yourself, I can send it unframed with a backboard adhered to the back.

Pricing in general
- Pricing changes over time. I'll always honor the price as listed within this page.

Descriptions of work I cannot resell in print form
- The subject matter is private, as in personal and unrelated to pop-culture.
- You wish to retain the full rights to your painting. This is totally fine (and cool with me). Please note that I do keep digital copies of all my work in all stages. I will, however, make one single copy in print form for my portfolio.