I'd like to say it took courage to leave the corporate world a year ago and move full force on to the uncharted waters of being an "artist". However, it truly wasn't courage - it was fully accepting myself for my own personal oddness. (Yes, "oddness" is a word, I just looked it up!)   

Now a year and 3 days later I can add "exhibitor" to my list of accomplishments.   

To date I have learned the following: 

  1. You can never have enough paint 
  2. Paint brushes are not “forever” 
  3. Water is your friend 
  4. An artist/painter can count on ruining their clothes; even if they are “careful”
  5. There is no such thing as “good light” 
  6. Framing is easy if you aren’t afraid of drills 
  7. DSLRs take amazing photos, but cheaper may have been easier 
  8. Photoshop is your friend 
  9. Rabbit depth is a thing 
  10. Love the coated frame wire 
  11. Carry your portfolio book to any event in which other artists or art lovers may attend 
  12. Don’t be afraid to walk into a gallery and show them what you have accomplished   

My first exhibit is coming up on August 26th 2017 at an amazing Tattoo / Gallery in downtown Vancouver, Washington called “The Dark Star Tattoo”. If you are reading this, and local, stop on by and say hello!       

Dark Star Tattoo Stitched Heart Art Show