I am a painter of whimsy and wilderness. My art shifts between fantasy with “MuseArt”, the physical manifestation of my own creative Muse, and “WyldArt” a focused desire to connect with the animal spirit. 

About MuseArt:
MuseArt is a merger of my obsession with sci-fi, geekdom, and other-worldly realms, together with a passion for an alternative vision.

My personal Muse is a mix of a feisty fae, a woodland creature, and my own stitched doll that is inspired by nerd/geek-culture. Each piece is created with the intention of inspiring, motivating, and delivering insight to those who possess them.

In other words, the theme for each image may draw you in, however the artwork has a deeper purpose. 

About the Artist:
Glo is a painter who resides within the Pacific NorthWest with her husband Scott, and their dogs Yoda and Chewbacca.

Her original works have been displayed in various galleries throughout the area. 

For more information:
WebStore: www.StitchedHeartArt.com
Instagram: @Stitched_Heart_Art

A special thanks to the following galleries who display and sell my original works.  Please support local art and galleries.
1 - Vancouver Art Space - 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr #206, Vancouver, WA 98662
2 - Splendorporium - 3421 SE 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97202
3 - The Artists Loft Vancouver - 1001 Main St Suite C, Vancouver, WA 98660
4 - Angst Gallery - 1015 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660

Stitched Heart Art™ is a brand name for all MuseArt created by Glo Lamden-McCollough

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